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Yokohama Trolleys - Area 1 and Area 2

Yokohama - Honmoku Trolleys with Area 1 or 2 in the Background.

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Old Film Clip of Negishi Heights - 50s - early 60s?

A short 16 second clip shown on NHK World

(See anyone you know?)

Please let us know if you know the time frame of this clip.



A few photos from the clip

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1979 Slide Show - 114 Slides

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Yohi Band - 1964-1965 - Photos Courtesy of Hideharu Sugo (Drummer)

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Yohi Band -

Drummer: Hideharu Sugo (St. Joseph)

Lead Guitar: Tommy (Yohi)

Side Guitar: Jeff (Yohi)

Base Guitar: Mike (Yohi)


1980 Slideshow - 16 Slides

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Yokohama PX - Slideshow

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Yohi in the News - Preview - A Walk Through History


A Story a Year - For 34 Years...

1959 - 1992

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1978 Slideshow - 64 Slides

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Handover Ceremony - In front of the Seaside Club, Area 1, Yokohama

See video

History of the Honmoku Trolley - Yokohama

At the 4:48 Mark:  Some video of Area 1 from inside the Trolley.

Wonderful historic video - All in Japanese

See video

Honmoku Housing Area - New Collection

New Album


Slideshow Preview

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Yohi in the News - 1959 to 1992


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Over 1,800 YoHi news articles -- Spanning 34 years.

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Yokohama Teen Club - Then and Now